Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do I Want to Change?

I haven't finished Righteous Porkchop yet. I may find the going rough--it's non-fiction (and I usually read fiction) and it deals with some uncomfortable truths. And it will force me to ask inconvenient questions. Questions such as "Is it possible to eat well and sustainably at an affordable price?" or "Where can I find sustainable food?" or "Is it reasonable to think that industrialized livestock production is wrong?"

While I read Hahn Niman's book I want to keep these thoughts in mind. While I submerge myself in her research, her opinions and her vegetarian take on meat production, I want to discuss her opinions with a group of other readers, other people who have taken or want to take a stand on this issue. If you love a good discussion, meet one of the Linn Area Reads committee members on March 1 at any of our libraries for an introduction to the book or on March 8, 15, 22 or 29 at Barnes and Noble at 6:30. We will talk about successive parts of the book each week. See you there!

However, if you can't come by read the questions and answers on the Chowhound website. Visit Chowhound's website is dedicated to "Discuss chow in general, including nationally available products, internet & mail-order, national cuisines and tips for chowhounding." Nicolette Hahn Niman and her husband Bill Niman answered online questions for 5 days in July 2009. Many of the questions and answers are ones that I am asking myself.

Now, can I eat and live sustainably? Yes. Do I want to? Most assuredly. How will I start? I already have. Visit your local farms for fresh food. Join a food co-op. Haunt your area Farmers Markets. We have choices.

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  1. Thank for those comments Pat! I'd like to share that there is a NEW local food co-op in town, too! I will post more about it later, but if you are interested in eating locally and supporting local farmers, visit the Iowa Valley Food Co-op at It's inexpensive to join and the delightful selection changes each month!