Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Eggs

My older son thinks the eggs we get from Forest Hill Farm taste better than regular eggs.

"They're more creamy," he says.

Well, I heard a story on Splendid Table once, in which the host described an egg taste test that pitted locally-produced eggs from happy chickens
against your standard eggs from battery hens.

The results were split.  Only about half of the tasters thought some of the eggs tasted creamier and "eggier"--those were the eggs from pasture-raised hens.

But it was pretty hard to tell which eggs were from happy hens.  This surprised me.

That doesn't mean that it's not worth eating locally-produced eggs from happy hens.  While they may not really taste any better in a careful test, they are fresher, they promote better treatment of animals, and the profits go directly to the farmer.  And besides, those eggs also contain more Omega 3.

Plus, I love the color of my farm-fresh eggs!  The fresh yolks are round, firm, and deep gold.  My mother always said that food should be visually pleasing--and farm fresh eggs please my eyes.

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  1. Hi Jane! I have to admit, much as I'd like to taste a difference, I can't either when I buy fresh eggs from my co-op vs your standard factory-farmed eggs. But I definitely feel like buying and eating fresh is the right choice for all the reasons you cite. And it's not even hard to find fresh eggs! In fact, if you live in Cedar Rapids, you can even have your very own chickens, right in your backyard! Talk about fresh breakfast! :)