Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'll have the lab-grown burger with fries, please.

Came across news of some Dutch scientists who are using stem cells to create lab-grown meat. In fact, it seems they are hopeful that they might serve up an artificial hamburger--prepared by a celebrity chef and eaten by a celebrity taster--as early as this fall. Word is, however, that the meat itself is likely to be bland, so that chef will have some work to do to make it palatable.

Is this a long-term solution to the ever-growing worldwide need for food? Will the stem cell controversy that adheres to conversations about human research be in play when the stem cells in question come from cows? Will there be an ethical showdown between those who want more humane treatment of animals (which might, arguably, include increasing reliance on lab-grown meat) and those who are opposed to this sort of science?

A link to a BBC article on the new meat.

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  1. Eh. I think for me I'd go for no meat rather than lab-grown meat. Let's just count the ways that sounds unappealing.