Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How we raise our food

I have a little boy at home who has never spent time at a farm. We talk a lot at home about where our food comes from because he has no frame of reference for this, other than the weekly trip to the supermarket. In the summer months, we visit the Farmers' Market in downtown Cedar Rapids. He loves exploring the groupsthat set up in the park and seeing all of the vendors. It also offers us an opportunity to check out the fresh produce that's available and purchase some garden-fresh items.

I think it's really important to have conversations with our kids about our food. The US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance has set up a site called fooddialogues.com which offers opportunities for people to ask questions about how our food is grown and raised. This is the first site I have seen where an organization like this is actively seeking the questions and comments of the public and starting the conversation about where our food comes from.

Check out the site and take a look at what farmers and ranchers are saying. Ask your questions. Begin that dialogue. And then share with us what you think!

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