Friday, March 2, 2012

Just for fun, try something new

My father stopped eating turkey. Not for any moral reason, just because, he said, "It didn't taste like the turkey my family had on the farm." And I thought that he was just a bit crazy. Of course turkey tasted just the same. Turkey is turkey, for goodness sake!

Ah, the arrogance (or stupidity) of youth. This past November my husband found a wonderful local farm, The Long Shot Farm, selling heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving. And I discovered that free-range turkey does not taste just like grocery store turkey. (My apologies, Dad!)

Since November we have been getting our eggs from the Long Shot Farm, also. They are local, the eggs taste great and are a delight for the eyes. One dozen eggs and three or four different colors. Wonderful!

So, go a little crazy. Find a local farm or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and try something different. It's not always a moral issue. It can be one that is just fun and educational.


  1. Those eggs are beautiful! Look, different colors and different sizes. Imagine: eggs don't all look the same in "real life."

  2. I agree with Jo - beautiful eggs! I also like the point that you can switch things up without a moral reason behind it. Food that tastes better? I think that's reason enough!