Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letting you peek inside my fridge

I've tackled a number of unique writing assignments over the years, but one of my favorite is a series of columns I wrote for Edible Iowa River Valley. The folks at the magazine asked me to investigate the refrigerators of various local people -- Z102.9's Schulte & Swann, Corridor Media Group's John Lohman, pianist Dan Knight, and more -- in order to discover what local foods might be in the icebox. I also loved to find the quirky foods that made each person and each refrigerator unique (in fact, that was always more interesting to me!).

To kick the series off, I detailed the contents of my own fridge, in a piece that made it clear that I had a long way to go if I was going to become a local food aficionado. Upon reflection, I don't think I've made much progress. Here's a link to that first column.  

(By the by, my editor introduced an error into this piece -- no, really! -- and it renders the first sentence of the fourth paragraph nonsensical. Do me a favor: Ignore the word "when" when you get there.)

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  1. I don't think you fared too badly. Do you remember how the popcorn rated? And the watermelon? Mine would be a treasure trove, considering I feed my dogs raw meat. On any given day you are likely to find pig hearts, beef kidney, chicken necks, or supermix green beef tripe. Otherwise, you'll spot organic milk, V8 (low sodium), orange juice (fresh squeezed and injected with calcium, LOW PULP, says the label), cheese, veggies, fruits, leftovers ... That all sounds pretty good. The stuff in the door might drop me a little lower in the ratings ... Interesting project though -- I'll have to dig up the rest of the series.