Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picture book from Pork Producers

Coe College had a health fair last week, and one of the participants was the Iowa Pork Producers!  Did they know I was coming?

I decided not to engage the representative, who looked like someone's grandma, in conversation, but I did pick up a copy of "a storybook from the National Pork Board," called Welcome to Our Farm.

It's written for pre-school and first-grade kids.  There are even "Notes to the Educator" in the back--with suggestions for vocabulary words (farmer, farm, crops, pig, snout) and art projects (make a pig snout out of a paper cup).

The pictures--photographs--showed a confinement farm.

 No pigs in sight at this farm.
 Here they are, inside a big building with nothing to do except bite each others' tails.  It looks fairly clean here, though.
 "These piglets are drinking milk from their mother" who is held in a pen that leaves her no room to turn around.
The pigs cower in fear from the caretaker, outfitted in a coverall and white gloves.

The Pork Producers have an online version of the book at, too.  Basically the same story.

I was so glad to read the news that Pat posted yesterday about the changes coming to the pork industry. For those of you who read the Gazette article--did you see the quotes from Paul Willis (who was in our book)?  Nieman Farms were mentioned, too!

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  1. What an interesting approach. I am looking at the online version and enjoyed this quote: "It sure gets cold in Iowa. Pigs don't like the cold. That's why we keep pigs in buildings."

    Ah, so THAT'S why!