Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pulled Pork

In honor of the pig chapters of our book, here is my recipe for pulled pork.  Last time I made it, I used a pork shoulder from Forest Hill Farm.  No more store-bought pork for us--their heritage pork is great.  It has less gristle, more darker meat, and overall better flavor.

Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork
1 5-pound (or less) boneless pork butt or shoulder
2 Tbsp. chili powder
1 Tbsp. onion powder
2 tsp. salt
11/2  tsp. garlic powder

Rinse pork, pat dry.
Mix spices in a bowl and rub into pork.  Marinate overnight.

Cook in slow-cooker/crock pot on low for about 10 hours.
Put on cutting board, shred with 2 forks after removing fat.

Serve with buns and BBQ sauce.

Broth can be used for soup!

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  1. Mmmm ... sounds delicious. If I was more than just me, I'd be all about this.