Sunday, March 18, 2012

That pork chop may be righteous, but...

Working on a freelance gig this week for which I compile news stories for a high school audience, I happened upon the results of a Harvard School of Public Health study. Here's the little write-up I put together. (Spoiler: It isn't great news for red meat lovers.)

The Harvard School of Public Health thinks you might want to put down that burger. According to a new study, eating just three ounces of red meat each day increased the chance that a study participant would die by 13 percent. The study involved more than 110,000 adults, whose eating habits were followed for more than 20 years. Want to reduce your risk by 19 percent? Replace that burger or pork chop with a serving of nuts. That may sound nutty to many fans of red meat, but the researchers suggest that a change in eating habits would have a significant impact on public health.

Sources: The Slatest, CNN, Los Angeles Times

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  1. Impressive stats. Ouch. What if you do nuts AND red meat? Can the nuts provide balance? Check in with those Harvard spoil sports, would you?