Saturday, March 3, 2012


I find it interesting that Nicolette Hahn Niman is a vegetarian.

And she's not trying to convert us to vegetarianism.  In fact, she admits that she once used vegetarianism as an excuse not to be concerned about the meat industry:
Frankly, I found those stories so depressing, I intentionally avoided them. (Anyway, why did I need to read that stuff--wasn't I doing my part by abstaining from meat?)
 But she decides to get involved anyway.

Many people take up vegetarianism not to protest the meat industry, but for health reasons.  For example, I read this article in the Gazette about a Cedar Rapids woman who found out she had high risk cholesterol levels and completely re-vamped her whole family's lifestyle.  She, her husband and--get this--two small kids!--are now all vegans!

From talking with nutritionists about this topic (I wrote a short article about it for the Gazette a while back), I learned that getting the nutrition one needs from a vegan--that is, all plant-based, no dairy, no eggs--diet is a lot of work.  I admire this person for doing it for her whole family.

Blog readers--what do you think about becoming a vegetarian?  Have you ever tried it?  Are you interested?  Are you already a non-meat-eater--or even a vegan?

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  1. I live with constant low-grade guilt for not being more conscientious about my non-vegan food choices. Maybe after finishing Hahn Niman's book, it'll be higher grade guilt and I'll be spurred to action ... ?