Monday, April 2, 2012

Farmers Have Nothing to Hide?

Did you see the opinion piece in last Friday's Gazette written by Ron Birkenholz, the Communications Director for the Iowa Pork Producers Association? Here's a link:

Birkenholz says Iowa farmers have nothing to hide. He's writing with regard to the recently passed Ag Protection Act legislation signed into law by Governor Branstad on March 2. 

I had some problems with his piece, which says "Hog farms are business enterprises run by experienced farmers who have a passion for raising food animals. Swine production practices are based on that experience, as well as years of proven scientific research on how best to properly care for and maintain the health, safety and comfort of the livestock." 

After what we've all been learning about practices on hog farms in the past month or two, this is a little difficult to stomach. Really? " Scientific research on how best to properly care for and maintain the health, safety, and comfort of the livestock?" 

As it happens, the Iowa Pork Producers will be part of our panel discussion on April 14 -- 2:00 at the Marion Library. The discussion will be moderated by Lyle Muller of the the Gazette. Don't you wonder what they will have to say for themselves in that forum? 

The discussion will be free! We hope to see many of there to hear both sides of this compelling story about the food we eat. 

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