Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Meat

This entry isn't about meat.  But it is about food, and knowing where it comes from.

Because it's gardening time!

We have a fairly small yard and lots of shade, so putting a vegetable garden is a bit of a challenge. We don't grow too much, but we still enjoy it.

I put my spinach and lettuce in a week early this year because of the nice weather.

Those cages over the lettuce sprouts keep the bunnies from eating it.

I also started my basil and zinnias.

Most of the time they're inside, under a grow light, from the end of March, when I plant them, until Mother's Day when I set them out.  But I put them in the sun if we have warm weather.

I also have some perennial edibles in my yard.

Well, the parsley's a biennial . . . but I don't think my chives--supposed to be behind that little sign on the right--survived our wimpy winter.

I also have raspberries, given to me by a friend.  They are rather invasive, so if you have a friend with raspberries, you might be able to get some shoots.

My family loves what we grow--salad stuff, raspberries, fresh tomatoes, and basil for pesto.

My younger son, though, thinks we need to grow pumpkins!
Since we don't have nearly enough room--or sun--for pumpkins, we've decided to rent a garden plot from the city of Cedar Rapids in Ellis Park this year.  I've never done it--have any of you done this, blog readers?

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  1. I have unpleasant memories of our rental garden plot when we were students at the University of Iowa and living in married student housing. We only did it one summer, and it was a miserably hot and droughty summer. We had to haul diaper pails full of water from our apartment to the garden plots, sloshing around in our car's back seat. It was never enough water. I remember our 4-month-old baby not making things any easier for us, crying and screaming, ugh. All that didn't deter us from gardening in the future, at least for a few years. But it was sure a lot easier in our own house with an actual outside faucet and hose!

    Oh, and my chives have been up for several weeks and seem to be thriving in early spring!