Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So I have a confession. My favorite stage of my garden is now. Sure, I love the stage where I have the fresh vegetables to eat, but right now it is just so pretty. There is a nice layer of green popping up all over and nothing has gotten out of control yet or gotten unruly. Everything looks so healthy and green and managed. Looking at my garden right now, you can't yet tell that I'm an amateur gardener. That a certain percentage of my plants will not make it, that I almost certainly planted things incorrectly. That at some point I'll forget to water on a 100 degree day or will over water right before a huge rain storm. At some point, a portion of my plants will get big and unruly and another portion will just look sad. Some will bear fruit that I don't know when to harvest and I will inevitable waste that food. But not today. Today they look just right. It's the picture of such hope. The start of something wonderful. I think it is great that we joined a CSA this year. Let them worry about making sure things are grown properly and harvested at the right time while I keep my plot of joy in my backyard without the pressure of success. Although, between you and me, I'll probably pretend that those vegetables are fresh from my own garden as I eat them. In my mind I'll try to claim a little vicarious accomplishment.

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